Sa’ad Abad Visit Report

At first we entered Saadaad complex and we listened to our leader about history of this wonderful place. In Qajar’s era it was Ahmad Shah’s promenade. At that time the area was about 45-65 hectares but now is just 10 hectares.
When King Reza became war minister, a part of this place that the name was “Shahvand” Where today is known as “Green Palace”, was gifted to King Reza and after he became king, he bought all of the other lands there as well and made this place as “Sa’ad Abad Complex”.

Royal Weapons Museum

After that we went to weapons museum. We really like that! This place was for Shapoor GholamReza, the one who was MohammadReza’s half-blood brother. It wasn’t permanent place and the most usage was for summer-quarters in hot seasons like spring and summer.
Shapoor was game-keeper so many of these guns are for hunting. In the basement one of the guns is one of the most famous ones, because it is the first archery shooter which was made with trigger. It was given to crown-prince.

Royal Café!

In the hot summer weather, after visiting two awesome museums, what can be more delicious than a cold drink with all the friends together!?

Royal Clothes Museum

Lots of clothes! This place belonged to Shams Pahlavi who was MohammadReza’s sister. We know that MohammadReza was twin with Ashraf not Shams. She used this place in summer-quarters.
We checked out King’s & Queen’s dresses and official clothes of other people in Pahlavi’s era. (E.g. Tajol Moluk)

Mellat Royal Palace

The biggest palace that we saw in Sa’adabad complex! Because of the color of the walls, this place is also known as another name “White Palace”.
It was for King MohammadReza and Farah Diba for summer-quarters. It is interesting that the windows are bullet-proof and all carpets are from Kerman. The Interior designer was Farah Diba.

Royal Cars Museum

And let me write about the most exciting part with lots of cars! The special features of each vehicle are awesome; for example one car has a fridge behind driver seat for keeping drinks cold or a window between driver seat and passengers which let passengers talk together in private.

ElmeSalim School of Life

And finally coming back home, with many different gifts for active students in our trip to Saadabad Complex.

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